School’s in on Back-to-School Eats


Tropical Energy Balls
Busy Morning Breakfast Ideas

If your typical weekday morning includes rushing the kids to the bus having just managed to find the missing shoe, backpack, or hair tie, these breakfasts are for you. For a back-to-school breakfast ready in minutes there are a couple of ways to go. The make-ahead route is one of them. Think Tropical Energy Balls, and PB&J Bars. Or for a grab-and-go kind of day in the middle of a busy week, try Sandwich Bros’ tasty breakfast sandwiches. Everyone loves a hot breakfast and these heat up quick.

Students in a classroom
Study Hall Snacks

Want to keep your kiddos happy? Send them off to school with extra snacks. Plus, have some goodies ready for them when they get home. We have just the back-to-school snack ideas that give them an extra boost for all that homework and satisfy their cravings for something fun. Try our Popcorn Trail Mix made with Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, or Peanut Butter and Banana Roll-ups made with Peter Pan Peanut Butter. The roll-ups are even easy enough for kids to make themselves. That’s a win.

Pizza Mac and Cheese
School Night Dinners

Come together at the end of the day for a weeknight meal that’s comforting, family-friendly, and doesn’t call for every pot and pan you own. Our idea of an easy back-to-school dinner is something warm, and preferably cheesy. Pizza Mac and Cheese, and Cheeseburger Pasta Skillet definitely fit the bill. Bonus, they also scale up well for when new friends stay for dinner.

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Our Favorite Back-to-school Recipes

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