Four Fast Food-Inspired Burgers, Deliciously Meat-Free

When you don’t want to eat fast food, you make fast food you do want to eat – and that’s where the new Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Burger comes in. Delicious, irresistible and easy to make?! What more could you ask for!

The Mona Lisa Burger

1691x641-MONA LISA-01.jpg

Shake things up with this take on an iconic burger that got its start, like so many other greats, in New York City.

The Drive In Burger

1691x641-DRIVE IN-01.jpg

Now that's-a-burger – complete with a homemade spicy ketchup inspired by one of our favorite Southern fast-food chains.

The West Loop Burger

1691x641-WEST LOOP-01.jpg

You don’t have to trek out to Chicago for this sought-after sandwich. You also don’t have to wait in line for an hour to eat it, either.

The Double Up Burger

1691x641-DOUBLE UP-01.jpg

You’re in, you’re out and bam- you’re satisfied. But, once you take home this fast food burger, you’ll never want to go in again.

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