Get Your Grill On

The moment you’ve been waiting for—it’s here. The break-in-the-sandals, break-out-the-shorts grilling season is finally upon us. Here are a few tricks and tips to get you and your grill fired up.

Hot dogs
Brush up on the Basics

For a perfectly charred hot dog, don’t look away. They heat up fast with a cook time of just 5-7 minutes. You can easily add those coveted, photogenic sear marks, too. Simply roll your hot dog slowly across the hot grates until they appear. Next, grill up burgers everyone will love. That means burgers with middles that reach 160° F. Pair ’em up with buttery, toasty buns and all the best condiments.

Add a Marinade

A store-bought marinade will infuse your foods with fool-proof flavor every time. Plan ahead and give your meats and veggies some time to soak up the oil, acid, seasonings, and salt. Vegetables and seafood will do well with a good 30 minutes to a few hours of soak time. Chicken and pork would appreciate at least 3 hours. And for tougher cuts of beef and lamb, try marinating overnight or even over a lazy weekend for maximum grill-worthy flavor.

Heat Differently

Want to ramp up the flavor even further? Experiment with heating elements to find the one that speaks to you. If you’re looking for a cast-iron-skillet-like sear, try adding a plancha to your grill grates. A handful of wood chips goes a long way, too. Toss them into the coals or your grill’s smoker box for an extra-smoky flavor. Planking is also a great way to impart wood-smoked flavor. First, choose which type of wood to use. Then, soak your plank in water, or in something a little more flavorful, like wine.

Ready, set, grill.



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