5 trendy soup recipes made easy

Soup is comforting, warm and oh-so-delicious! We’ve developed some ah-mazing new soup recipes with some tasty techniques you might not think you could do at home. We’re going to show YOU can indeed make these in your kitchen. And trust us, you'll want to!

Roasted Poblano and Sweet Potato Chicken Soup

FY17 Rosted Poblano and Sweet Potato Soup 820x500.jpg

This isn’t an ordinary chicken soup. Charred poblanos add a deep smoky flavor to the soup simply by placing the pepper in a broiler for a few minutes to get the skin of the pepper nice and charred (a.k.a. awesome flavor bomb).

Find the full recipe here.

Mushroom Soup with Freekeh

FY17 Mushroom Soup with Freekeh 820x500.jpg

Get your freekeh on! Have you tried freekeh, yet? Or, are you wondering “what’s a freekeh”? Freekeh is a wheat and part of the ancient grain fam! It's the perfect nutty grain for this hearty vegetarian soup with caramelized onions and meaty mushrooms – a great soup to cozy up with!

Find out how to make homemade mushroom broth and the full recipe here!

Shrimp and Lobster Bisque

FY17 Shrimp and Lobster Bisque 820x500.jpg

This velvety soup is fine dining quality made easy in your own home! Using cooked lobster meat, large shrimp and a splash of dry sherry for the perfect combination in this succulent bisque.

This recipe couldn’t be easier – check it out here!

Spicy Corn Soup

FY17 Spicy Corn Soup 820x500.jpg

Elevate creamy corn soup with smoky flavors using charred corn on the cob and spicy jalapeños. This pureed soup is rich and creamy and perfect for any chilly day!

Find the full recipe here!

Pasta Fagioli

FY17 Pasta Fagioli 820x500.jpg

A traditional fav made with a deep rich tomato flavor and a little secret ingredient that takes this soup to the next level! Our secret ingredient is adding a Parmesan cheese rind to the simmering pot of soup. The cheese rind has a deep cheesy and salty flavor that will absorb into the soup and make it oh-so-yummy!

Check out the other ingredients to make this soup here!

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