Chocolate Strawberry 'Shortcake'

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A crumb crust 'shortcake' recipe topped with layers of Reddi-wip and juicy strawberries, all for less than 100 calories

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  • 1 chocolate-flavored graham cracker, crushed (1 cracker = 1 square)
  • 1 tablespoon crushed pretzels
  • Reddi-wip® Original Dairy Whipped Topping
  • 1/4 cup cut-up fresh strawberries
  1. Combine crushed graham cracker and pretzels in serving dish. Top with one serving (2 tablespoons) Reddi-wip, strawberries and another serving Reddi-wip. Serve immediately.
Cook's Tips

If chocolate-flavored graham crackers are difficult to find, substitute 6 chocolate bear-shaped graham snacks for the cracker and the calories will be similar. For another 100-calorie variation, substitute 2 vanilla wafers for the graham cracker. Proceed with recipe as directed.

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Calories: 82 View complete nutrition information
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MMMmmmmm August 23, 2014

delicious in evey way

yvettefay May 14, 2014

Mmmmm very good. Light not over filling. So easy and quick. We used salt less pretzels and it was great.

Marie July 17, 2013

Try this with Weight watcher brownie bites! YUM

Becke June 06, 2013

Yum....and switching out the fruit with a mixture or just blueberries, kiwi......easy, fast, and low calorie,fat,carbs and sugar..

Cortney Thomas July 21, 2012

A great recipe to get the kids involved with and let them tweak it to their own tastes! Really yummy and healthy too.

dessert lover July 21, 2012

This is great! Quick, easy cool and yummy! There's not much better than a low calorie easy to make sweet and salty dessert. Thanks for the quick and easy recipe.