Go, But Don't Go Hungry

Wanderlust seems to go hand-in-hand with warmer weather. And we think even a short trip can be a mini adventure. Be sure to leave well-prepared, and by that we mean: Bring food. We believe you’re only road-trip ready once you’ve packed all the snacks. Here are a few pointers.

Duke's Background
Fuel For the Long Haul

In a perfect world we’d all live a 1-minute car ride from the ocean, the mountains, the city, and the woods. But that world really wouldn’t be so perfect, as it would deprive us all of our beloved time for car snacks. Some of our favorites for longer trips are jerky, meat sticks, and more jerky. Duke’s®, for example, is insanely delicious, protein-filled, and made from beef and pork raised with no hormones added.* We also like Slim Jim® for big, bold flavor with a great snap. Both are super satisfying.

Quick Bites for Short Trips

For a shorter summer road trip or just a trip to the pool, you want to keep it heavy on the fun. That means light entertainment like an upbeat playlist, a pithy summer read, and, of course, a beach bag full of snacks. We’re thinking BoomChickaPop® will fit right in here. It’s whole grain, non-GMO, gluten free, and genuine and real—just like the friends you brought along.

Woman eating David Seeds
Put it in Park

You made it! Pat yourself on the back, stretch out your legs, and celebrate with the ultimate summer snack. Find the nearest park bench and those sunflower seeds. Because you’re a good and thoughtful road-trip friend you brought two kinds. For your adventure seekers there’s BIGS, the biggest, boldest-flavored seeds imaginable. BIGS® is made with sunflower seeds grown in the USA without artificial flavors. And for those who love an American classic there’s DAVID® Seeds, delivering that salty, nutty flavor since 1926. Dig in—you deserve it.

* Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork.

Boom Chicka Pop


Bust out your short shorts—summer is finally here! With all that fun-in-the-sun, there’s little time left to hit up the grocery store. Fortunately, we have just the thing: curated snack bundles you can order from wherever your summer adventures take you. Choose from our Poolside Picnic, Road Trip Fuel, and more.
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