Amp up your A.M. and your P.M. These breakfast foods will change your mind about rising and shining and wake you up to a new realization: breakfast foods are delicious at any time of day. Maybe even more delicious.

Power Bowl
Make Any Hour Happy

Second lunches, first dinners, after-school snacks, these are all great moments for breakfast foods. Want to be ready whenever hunger strikes? Make your anytime-breakfast dreams come true with some meal prep. Batch cooking breakfast foods is easy with the right recipes, and there are two kinds. First are the recipes for make-ahead, heat-and-eat breakfasts like cornbread stratas, burritos and breakfast pizzas. Second are the recipes for grab-and-go items like breakfast bars, muffins, and even donuts. We have both.

Cornbread Stratas
Binge-Watchers Rejoice and Refuel

The situation: You’re binge-watching that show while seriously craving a midnight snack. Quick, what do you do? When you don’t want to hit pause, or do any dishes, here’s our advice: Keep your freezer stocked with delicious heat-and-eat breakfast options like Healthy Choice® Power Bowls and Odom's Tennessee Pride® Breakfast Sandwiches. They’ll keep you full ’til Season 3, Ep. 20. You’ll thank yourself for thinking ahead.

Benedict-Style Polenta and Eggs
Serve Breakfast for Dinner

Now if you weren’t here already, get on the breakfast-for-dinner train. Eating pancakes will never feel as rebellious as it does at night. It’s true—breakfast for dinner is great on its own. But have you tried giving breakfast favorites a bit of a dinner-y twist? We like turning English muffins into mini breakfast pizzas or serving a casserole filled with hash browns and sausage. Try it, then sit back as the compliments roll in.

Eat Breakfast for Breakfast

You rebel, you. OK, if you’re going to eat breakfast for actual breakfast, go all out. Put a little extra time into making breakfast more of a thing. That means bigger, bolder flavors, and a bit of a twist, too. Like swapping out your everyday toast for French toast or waffles. Then, take your waffles to the next level with our recipe for Sausage and Egg Waffle Tacos. You could also try turning breakfast-y dinner into dinner-y breakfast foods. Queue up our favorite Hunt’s® recipes like Spicy Shakshuka and Benedict-Style Polenta & Eggs; they have weekend brunch written all over them. If you’re into that kind of thing.



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