Salmon with Creamy Lime Sauce

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Cumin rubbed salmon pairs perfectly with a creamy lime sauce for a touch of the tropics

  • 1 medium lime
  • 1/2 cup reduced fat sour cream
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons ground cumin, divided
  • 1/4 teaspoon granulated sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt, divided
  • Dash ground black pepper
  • 1 pound fresh salmon fillet, with skin
  • 2 tablespoons Pure Wesson® Canola Oil

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  1. Grate 1/2 teaspoon peel from lime and squeeze 1 teaspoon juice. Stir together sour cream, lime peel, lime juice, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, sugar, 1/8 teaspoon salt and pepper in small bowl. Set Lime Sauce aside.
  2. Rinse and pat dry salmon. Sprinkle flesh side with remaining 1 teaspoon cumin and remaining 1/8 teaspoon salt. Heat oil in 10-inch nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add fillet, skin-side down, and cook 4 minutes. Carefully turn fillet. Continue cooking 2 to 3 minutes more or until fish flakes easily with fork (145°F).
  3. Cut fillet into 4 pieces. Serve with Lime Sauce on top or on side of salmon.
Cook's Tips

For gluten free preparation, confirm all recipe ingredients are gluten free by reading product labels each time you make this recipe.

Cook's Tips

For gluten free preparation, confirm all recipe ingredients are gluten free by reading product labels each time you make this recipe.

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Anonymous May 26, 2012

We enjoy salmon and have been brought up on it, but the recipe add a kick. My husband does not like salmon and he even ate some. Will try again

Lcm November 27, 2011

We love and eat salmon a lot and am always looking for new recipes. This was excellent and too easy. A definite "keeper".

BettyO November 21, 2011

My husband is not a fan of "fancy" food, but he loves this. The cumin, in our estimation, is what makes this dish. I do pan fry, but it takes so little oil, I'm not concerned about it. I served with steamed green beans and Israeli couscous (the lemon zest, zante currants and pine nuts play very nicely with the lime and the cumin). This has become a fave.

JustGettingStarted May 30, 2011

Pretty good, I won't be sticking to only this recipe for salmon though. Not a fan of the cumin, the spice in general is too smoky or something like that. I think I expected more of a lime flavor. Made with a side of roasted vegetables it made for a good healthy meal.

Anonymous March 07, 2011

I cut the recipe in half, thinking my sons would not want to eat the salmon with sour cream. Yet it was the sour cream mixture that made the salmon extraordinary. I have to note I baked the salmon vs. frying because I prefer not to fry our food. I also added more than the recommended teaspoon of lime to the sour cream mixture. I think the extra lime made the mixture pop; however, this is my personal preference. Others may prefer it as is.

Mama Latina Tips February 28, 2011

Quick, easy, tasty, and likely very good for you! Very appealing to the eye, I love the color of the salmon flesh with the orangey-brown cumin. I enjoyed the whole thing just as presented, lime sauce and all. While my husband said he liked the sauce, he thinks he may like it without, too. The next time I make it, and there will be a next time, I think the sauce could stand a little more lime and spice, but I want to make it clear the sauce was very nice as stated.