Valentine’s Day is all about Chocolate

Forget the flowers and teddy bears, chocolate desserts are a classic way to show someone you care on Valentine's Day. Whether it’s something homemade or a sweet treat you pick out just for them, chocolate is a love language all its own. From ooey-gooey cake to classic chocolate chip cookies, if you want to make a romantic gesture that feels personal, throw on your apron and try surprising them with one of these thoughtful Valentine's Day dessert recipes.

Classics with a Twist


Chocolate may as well be the official food of Valentine’s Day. So, when it comes time to dazzle your darling, you need to get creative. For instance, this Brownie Crust Cheesecake offers a new spin on an old favorite, sure to blow the socks off any chocoholic. Pro tip: Use a little Pam Original No-Stick Cooking Spray to make sure your brownies come out clean and beautiful (just like her … Aww). Then, top it with a generous dollop of Reddi-Wip to really make it memorable! If you want to go for the gusto, this Decadent Chocolate Cherry Torte is a monument to one's devotion, as is this Chocolate Cake with Whipped Peanut Butter Frosting made with Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter. If want to try a Valentine's Day dessert recipe inspired by the holiday colors, you'll won’t be disappointed by these picturesque pink and white Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars. Pair any of these gourmet chocolate desserts with an indulgent Mocha Latte—the perfect excuse to snuggle up on the couch with your main squeeze.

Play Cupid with Cookies and Cocoa


Cupid can have his arrows. We’ll stick with chocolate. These Chocolate Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies are sure to hit the mark—a classic chocolate chip cookie with a little extra something that’s a win-win for any chocolate lover. If your sweetheart is more fond of dark chocolate (or happens to be vegan), these Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies made with Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread are the perfect Valentine's Day indulgence. And if you’re short on baking time, you could always woo your Valentine with some Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa and these Chocolate Biscotti with Orange Glaze. Or turn up the heat with a hot cup of coffee and these Hot Chocolate Truffles made with creamy and delicious Reddi-Wip.

Last-Minute Masterpieces


Valentine's Day has a funny way of sneaking up on you. The good news is, we have you covered with last-minute dessert recipes that taste like you’ve been slaving in the kitchen for hours. And who says frozen food can’t warm someone’s heart? Stop by the frozen food aisle for Marie Callender's Chocolate Satin Pie to watch them melt with a single bite. Or turn to a tried-and-true baking mix like Duncan Hines Classic Dark Chocolate Cake Mix with Dark Chocolate Fudge Creamy Home-Style Frosting. Better yet, grab some icing in their favorite color and write them a sweet message. In a pinch, nothing beats a pan of brownies. Try Duncan Hines Salted Caramel Decadent Brownie Mix for an amazing sweet and savory combo. Another one that’s simple and scrumptious are Duncan Hines Chocolate Lover's Mug Cakes or Udi's Brownie Mug Cakes if your sweetie lives life gluten-free. It’s OK if you’re running behind, just don’t arrive empty handed!

Fresh or frozen, a classic Valentine’s Day dessert or an original, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. The truth is that your loved one will be pleased no matter what treat you bring home. In other words, when it comes to the one you love, it’s better to bake it than fake it!

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