Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas They’ll Gobble Right Up

By the time Thanksgiving arrives, you’re already at full tilt with holiday season activities and prep. And coming up with something unique to bring to multiple family feasts? It’s giving you heartburn long before any table is set. Well, unruffle those feathers! We have a cornucopia of fun Thanksgiving appetizer ideas that will stand out among the spread of tried-and-true Thanksgiving favorites—and won’t carve a full day out of your busy schedule to make. So, no matter how many holiday dinners are on your plate, Ready Set Eat has you covered with recipes and ideas for alternate apps that might just fill a few bellies before the main course is even served.

Appetizer Spicer


A spicy Thanksgiving appetizer sets the tone for a great meal and helps guests squelch hunger pangs while the turkey gets its final touches. Nuts are always a great way to keep noshers at bay, and these Spicy Soy-Coconut Mixed Nuts are a snack-tastic departure from the typical nuttiness. When you want a bit more spice, your family will flip for the peppery kick of this vamped-up Easy Jalapeno Cornbread Pudding recipe. And if you’re hustling to your third Thanksgiving in the same day, take the pint-sized punch of Duke’s® Hatch Green Chile Smoked Shorty® Sausages (they’re so hot, these pigs don’t need blankets).

Creative and Adventurous


Thanksgiving is an evolving event. You have likely never served some of the stuff that was at the first feast in 1621 (“Seconds on venison, anyone?”). So, don’t be afraid to think outside the gourd! For a savory little bite that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser, you can make these Baked Sausage Stuffed Onions. How about an enticing fruit-based salad instead of the standard veggie version? Try this tasty recipe for Apple Slaw with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette made with Gulden’s® Spicy Brown Mustard. 

Gobbling Globally


Thanksgiving is an all-American meal, but that doesn't mean you have to serve exclusively American flavors. Something like a Moroccan-inspired carrot salad makes a great Thanksgiving appetizer. Naan Thai Chicken Flatbread with P.F. Chang’s® Home Menu Sesame Sauce will add a bold and exotic flair to the appetizer options. If you want something global and gluten-free for your big holiday spread, convene an Artisan Cheese Board with flavors from around the world and Glutino® multigrain crackers.

Meatless Options


More Thanks-givers than ever are looking for meat-free alternatives on the dinner table. Gardein has mouthwatering plant-based products that make prepping appetizers for vegetarian pilgrims a breeze. Their recipe for Mini Crabless Cake with Remoulade is super simple to make thanks to Gardein crab-less cakes—and vegan mayonnaise can easily substitute for the egg-based version. You can also try Crispy Chipotle Lime Fingers with Salsa Verde made with Gardein meatless Crispy Fingers to keep the team fed while they pre-game dinner with a bit of Turkey Day football.

Have we whetted your appetite for inspiration? Try a few recipes, sample a few appetizer ideas, and break up the same-old sameness this Thanksgiving. It’s our nation’s honored tradition to gather together, give thanks, and share a delicious feast—and with appetizers like these, you'll be bringing fresh options to the table for Thanksgivings to come.

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