Take a Sip of Summer with These Home Brewed Bevvys

No matter how much hard work, love and deliciousness you pour into your drinks, none are complete without that last little dollop (or dumping) of Reddi-wip. And, since you probably haven’t been buying too many bevvys from your local coffee shop lately, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the Barista Series.

With sweet cream flavor, rich texture and that classic Reddi-wip look, you’ll be hard-pressed to put the can back down after you pick it up.

Check out these perfect-for-summer coffee drink recipes we’ve been daydreaming of since the moment we set our eyes on them!

Iced Caramel Macchiato


Sweet iced milk on the bottom, coffee on top. Caramel drizzle to pull it all together. Watch out folks, the party has officially arrived. Plus, you can make it at home without a hassle. The perfect summer drink really does exist.

Chilled Espresso Caffe Shakerato


Refreshing, sophisticated and elegant!? What more could you ask for? This shaken espresso drink will impress your friends so much, they’ll think you’ve officially opened your very own café. Just watch out, soon they’ll start texting their to-go orders to you every morning.

Espresso Martini

1691x641-ESPRESSO MARTINIS-01.jpg

It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying a mocktail, a late-night cocktail or a shot of weekend energy, this espresso martini can tailor itself to almost any occasion. Your barista, your bartender and your ice cream parlor guy are going to be jealous, that’s for sure.

Firecracker Shakes

1691x641-FIRECRACKER SHAKES-01.jpg

This festive drink is surprisingly easy to make, a huge hit with the kids and quite possibly one of the tastiest treats you’ll enjoy all summer. Celebrate every sip and don’t hesitate to go overboard with the sprinkles. We know you want to.

Iced Golden Cold Brew

1691x641-ICED GOLDEN COLD BREW-01.jpg

A drink this vibrant simply can’t be ignored. With hints of cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and turmeric, it’s about to take summer by storm whether you’re hitting the beach, the backyard or the back porch.

Peaches and Cream Martinis


Not only are peaches the quintessential summer fruit, they pair surprisingly well with Reddi-wip Barista Series! What’s more is, they pair even better with a quick shot of schnapps thrown in there for good measure. So, go ahead, indulge. You deserve it.

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