7 Festival Street Food Recipes You Can (and Should) Make at Home

There’s something about the simplistic yet oh-so-incredibly-satisfying nature of festival or street food that draws you in every time. It starts when you smell it and it ends after you’ve tried everything in town. Thankfully, you can recreate some of our favorite street food bites, plates and makes to your table this summer with these street food recipes to make at home. Get ready to indulge!

Hot Chocolate Churro Bites

Hot Chocolate Churro Bites - Street Food

Call us crazy for eating hot cocoa during the hottest months of the year, but after these bad puppies cool down, they are some of the most irresistible treats on the streets. Pro tip: Brew your Swiss Miss, cook at night and refrigerate them for a perfect breakfast-coffee companion.

Firecracker Shrimp

Firecracker Shrimp - Street Food

Crispy, wonton-wrapped spicy shrimp so good you’ll be beggin’ for seconds in no time. These delectable little delights demand a dipping sauce that’s just as tasty, so be sure to pair yours with P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Mango Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Greek-Style Marinated Beefless Bites

Greek Style Marinated Beefless Bites - Street Food

Transport yourself to an island off the coast of Southern Greece with these Gardein Marinated Beefless Bites in a tzatziki-style sauce. The phrase “what do you mean he don’t eat no meat?” just took on a whole new meaning.

Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese Bites - Street Food

Perfect for everyone from picky eaters to anyone who is hungry or has ever been hungry in their lives before, to life-long mac and cheese aficionados. Mac and Cheese bites are street food meets comfort snacking and we are here for it.

Teriyaki Skewers

Chicken Teriyaki Skewers - Street Food

Sometimes, simple grilling and straightforward recipes are good for the soul. For those very times, there’s Teriyaki Skewers with P.F. Chang's Teriyaki Sauce, a simple street food recipe that never fails to deliver big on taste and even bigger on peace of mind.

Pretzel Bites with Mustard Dipping Sauce

Pretzel Bites with Mustard Dipping Sauce - Street Food

Soft, salted pretzels served alongside Gulden's® Spicy Brown Mustard is snacking on a whole new level. If you actually bought these from a street vendor, they’d probably call them “deconstructed pretzels” and charge you the price of a small car.

Korean Beef Taquitos

Korean Beef Taquitos - Street Food

Combine the diverse, rich and awesomeness of Asian street food recipes with a Hispanic twist an P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Korean Style BBQ Sauce you get Korean Beef Taquitos. We recommend you make extra because these crave-worthy creations do not last long. Even if you’re the only one eating them.

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