Last-minute football party recipes for the big game

Football season is coming to an end (oh, no!). But that’s OK because the season, no matter what teams face off, always ends with a bang — and it’s partly because of the tasty food. Lucky for you the most-watched event on television doesn’t demand a fancy party. In fact, you can pull off a great party with not too much prep time. And with the help of these last-minute big game recipes, no one will even notice.

Cheesy Bruschetta Pull-Apart Bread


Just pull and eat. That simple. This appetizer is made by cutting up a loaf of bread, stuffing with tomatoes, cheese and basil and then baking to melt the cheese.

Mini Bean Burrito Cups


Mini burritos coming right up! These single serve burrito cups are made stuffed with refried beans, meat and topped with cheese.

Sloppy Jose Luis Sandwiches


If the teams don't provide the heat, this Latin-inspired Sloppy Joe definitely does. These chorizo Sloppy Joe sandwiches are made with chorizo in sauce on French rolls, topped with avocado and jalapeno pepper slices.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings


Chicken wings are a must-have when it comes to the big game — it just wouldn’t feel complete without them. 

BBQ Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


Quick and filling. These sweet potatoes are stuffed with prepared pulled pork in barbecue sauce and diced tomatoes with green chilies, then topped with sour cream and green onions.

30-Minute Chili


February brings the heart of winter, so you’ll probably want something warm and hearty to round out your football party recipe menu. Rely on this chunky chili made with ground meat, beans and two kinds of tomatoes for lots of flavor—perfect for the big game.

Pizza ‘Calzone’ Bake


No time to run to the pizza shop? No problem. They’d probably be backed up anyway. Save time by baking your very own, fresh from the oven calzone in just 30 minutes. 

Bacon Ranch Chicken Pizza


Cheese, chicken, bacon and a drizzle of ranch dressing … yes, please!

Touchdown Mini Meatloaves


Score your own touchdown by serving these mini meatloaves shaped like footballs. The kids will love them and so will everyone else!

Zesty Spinach Dip


Dip into a little pan of heaven. This warm creamy spinach is made with zesty tomatoes, spinach, and onions—ideal for the biggest game day of them all. 


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