Kitchen Essentials: 11 items you should always have in your pantry

Small pantry, big pantry, or no pantry at all (maybe you just have cupboards) there are certain products that you should always have on hand for a fully stocked, fully functional kitchen. Salt, pepper, garlic, and other basic herbs and spices are a given; no matter what level of a cook you are, these are a must for your kitchen. What's sometimes forgotten are the other pantry staples that should be within reach. Because you never know when they’ll come in handy … and trust us, they always do.

Click on each image to see some delicious treats you can make with each of these essential pantry items.

Pair Peanut Butter with Apples, Bacon and TomatoesBlack Beans are Packed with ProteinCanned Tuna on Salads and CrackersHot Cocoa as a Quick-Fix DessertPopcorn Movie SnackMake Chili and Soup with Canned TomatoesVariety of Pasta Dishes is EndlessPotatoes for Side DishesNuts Make a Filling SnackCooking Spray Makes Cleanup EasyHoney Alternative Sweetener


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