7 Fall Cocktail Recipes That Are the Epitome of Autumn Bliss

As the seasons change, so do our taste buds.* Summer slips into fall, and we turn from refreshing fruity and floral cocktails to the flavors of the season. We’re talking warming spices, cider, and dare we say, a spiced pumpkin latte or two.

These fall cocktails (and mocktails!) check all the boxes, with everything from hot drinks to warm you up on a cool day to chilled blends that hit just right in the afternoon sun. So shake things up and pour it out—we’re about to get our fall on.

* We have no data to support this, just old-school observation.



Delicately sweet and spicy, this Chai Tea Latte is warming, energizing, and easy to make—perfect as you get your work day rolling on a chilly morning. Heat fall favorites like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom over the stove with milk (or your favorite non-dairy alternative!) and mix it with black tea. On the weekend, make it a true fall cocktail recipe with a bit of bourbon or an orange liqueur like Cointreau, and don't forget to top it with Reddi-wip® Barista Series Sweet Foam Coffee Topper for a decadent finish.



Fall still gives us a few warm days, and besides—cold brew coffee is always in season. For a cool caffeinated boost, this Iced Golden Cold Brew comes together quickly in a blender. Mix your favorite milk and 2 tablespoons of Reddi-wip Barista Series Nitro Creamer with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and a bit of black pepper, then pour it over ice and follow with cold brew coffee. Pop a (reusable) straw in there and take it with you while running errands.



OK, no list of fall cocktail recipes is complete without the beverage star of the season: the Spiced Pumpkin Latte! Before you say, "Been there, drank that," take a closer look—this one is made with real pumpkin. Since you're making it in your blender, it comes together in minutes and you can adjust the cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and sugar to suit your taste buds. Make it with your choice of milk, top it with a sweet foam coffee topper, and you'll never crave a drive-through coffee shop spiced pumpkin latte again. For weekend vibes, blend it with a shot of vanilla vodka, amaretto liqueur, or cinnamon whiskey.



This classic fireside beverage is happy-hour ready with the addition of cinnamon whiskey or bourbon, or you can keep it alcohol-free and simply simmer your apple cider with cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and ground allspice. You'll savor the smell before you even get to taste it! Garnish with Reddi-wip Nitro Creamer and a cinnamon stick and sip your Hot Spiced Cider as you watch a movie, read a book, or make plans for your favorite fall holidays.



The Bloody Mary is a beautifully versatile drink that can be customized to fit everyone's preferences. Start with an easy (and classic!) Bloody Mary Mix, where Hunt's® diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, horseradish, celery, garlic, pickle juice, Vlasic® deli style hot jalapeño peppers, and spices combine to give you the perfect framework to start with. Mix with vodka (plain or flavored—try pepper, bacon, or lemon!). Salty, spicy, or even a bit sweet, you can't go wrong with a Bloody Mary.

Garnish with your choice of celery, Slim Jim® smoked snack sticks, Vlasic Snack’mms® Kosher dill pickles, lime wedges, olives, shrimp or bacon slices, and more! Bloody Marys allow you to get creative in ways that let everyone in on the fun.

For a special seasonal twist on the Bloody Mary, look to your favorite fall flavors—they pair surprisingly well with the tomato base, and the result is perfect for Halloween! Add some apple cider or a dash of cinnamon, ginger, and allspice to the mix, and garnish with apple slices, plus your choice of toppings!

Whichever simple fall cocktail recipes turn out to be your favorite, make time to slow down and savor the changing of the seasons. Cozy up with the people you love and enjoy a drink together!

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