For too long, salads have suffered the reputation of being a bit of a weakling — think limp lettuce and boring veggies that leave you hungry for more while eyeing that burger across the table. But salad’s time has come, and those wimpy greens have grown into a satisfying meal.

Whether it’s by packing in the protein or infusing unique ingredients and flavors, these are a few standout salads that will inspire you to give those leafy greens a second look.


Let's get one thing clear right off the bat: veggies are totally self-sufficient, and they don't need meat to legitimize them as a complete meal. Don't believe us? We've got an array of mouthwatering vegetarian salad recipes to fill your belly and soothe your appetite, as well as your taste buds.


Our first recipe features the always filling and flavorful farro and feta in our Farro and Tomato Salad. It starts with antioxidant-rich arugula leaves to provide a crisp base and slightly peppery taste. Balance that out with an oil, vinegar, and garlic dressing, and toss in Hunt's® petite diced tomatoes for a little added sweetness. For a Southwest spin, there’s our Avocado Corn Salad. Chili powder and lime juice provide an added zest to the winning combo of Bird’s Eye® sweet kernel corn, avocados, and onion.


Dust off your spiralizer for these next couple of recipes. The Spiralized Veggie and Mango Salad is a unique Asian-inspired dish made in the comfort of your own kitchen with P.F. Chang's® Home Menu Mango Sweet & Sour Sauce. If you're a mozzarella fan, try the Zucchini Noodle Salad with Tomatoes loaded with buffalo mozzarella and a red wine vinaigrette for a fresh, flavorful side.


Salads aren't just for vegetarians. They're for omnivores, too, with meaty toppings like steak, turkey, or chicken playing a perfect complementary role to your salad. Whether you prefer crispy iceberg, tender Boston lettuce, bitter endive, or fiber-filled kale, there’s a protein that pairs well with your favorite leafy greens.


Beef lovers can get their fix with our Southwestern Steak Salad, featuring thinly sliced sirloin marinated in Wish-Bone® Italian dressing and topped with freshly grilled sweet corn, peppers, and lettuce. The crisp iceberg lettuce is a perfect dance partner for the tender sirloin in this dish. The Balsamic Steak Salad with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Beets favors the softer leaves of Boston lettuce to complement the roasted veggies. The steak's umami flavor is maximized with a Wish-Bone® balsamic vinaigrette marinade and a touch of garlic.


The Crispy Chicken Cutlet with Kale and Apple Salad is a symphony of textures with the tender chicken, crispy breading, and the leafy goodness of both kale and arugula for a punchier base, along with chopped apples and walnuts to add crunch. This recipe also teaches you how to make your own dressing — opening a whole new world of possibilities! For this salad, the sweet flavor of Gulden's® Honey Mustard mixed with vinegar is the perfect complement to the crispy chicken.

If turkey is preferred, then you'll love the Smoked Turkey, Cheddar, and Apple Salad for its simple farm-to-table flavors. It incorporates spinach, which pairs particularly well with the sweet nectar of fruits. And more importantly, it’s easy to assemble, thanks in part to ready-made Wish-Bone® balsamic vinaigrette.


Finally, we have those dishes that are staples at every picnic and potluck. If you're expecting the same sides you've known for years, think again. From a new spin on classic potato salad to a pasta salad with a Mediterranean makeover, there are hosts of ways to reinvigorate those dishes we all know and love.


Roasted Blue Cheese Potato Salad takes all the traditional tastes of mayo, celery, and potato and rejuvenates them with the robust flavor of blue cheese. For an even bolder dish, try the Spicy Sweet Potato Noodle Salad, which gets a kick from Ro*Tel® Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies and challenges everything you thought you knew about both pasta and potato salads.


The Manhattan Deli Salad offers a flavor straight out of your favorite NYC delicatessen with salami, olives, pickles, pasta, and Wish-Bone® house Italian dressing. If you like the salty bite of salami and olives but want a unique salad recipe, go for the Mediterranean Pasta Salad, with the richer flavor of Hunt's® Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes accompanied by ham, pepperoncini, and balsamic vinaigrette.

From meat-based to vegetarian, twisted classics to inspired originals, these are just a few unique salads to add to your rotation. At long last, the salad day in the spotlight — and in our bellies — has arrived!

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