Beat the Heat with These 6 Ultra-Refreshing Summery Drink Recipes (Booze Optional)

Here’s our recipe for a perfect warm-weather afternoon: a good book, your favorite sundress, a comfy patio chair, some SPF, and a tall, ice-filled glass of something sweet by your side. That’s where mocktails come in! These sunny-day refreshments are a big step above your flavored seltzer stash, plus, you can share them with the whole family since they’re naturally booze-free. Or, hey, plan a little happy hour at home and punch up one of these recipes with a shot of your favorite liquor. So, grab your cup, and let's get sippin’.

1. Easy Orange Dreamsicle


Who isn’t nostalgic for those nights when you waited the magical sound of the ice cream truck to roll down your street? This Easy Orange Dreamsicle will transport you to simpler times with the old-fashioned flavor combo of sweet cream and citrusy orange. The recipe calls for only two ingredients: Just pour your favorite orange soda into a glass and mix in Reddi-wip® Barista Series Nitro Creamer. You don't have to stick to orange soda, either; try experimenting with root beer, grape soda, or cream soda. For a spiked version, add a few shots of orange liquor or whipped cream vodka–yum!

2. Raspberry Lemonade Punch


If you can’t make it to the beach this year, bring the tiki bar to you! With just five ingredients, this lovely, rosy pink Raspberry Lemonade Punch comes together in no time, and it gets some major slushie vibes with the addition of a few scoops of raspberry sherbet.

For a true tiki bar experience, pour some punch in a mug, mix in a little vodka, pop in a cocktail umbrella, and pretend you’re lounging at the beach.

3. Icy Chai Mocha


It’s easy to make a copycat version of your favorite coffeehouse’s blended iced coffee drink at home; you can whip up this Icy Chai Mocha in about five minutes for an indulgent midday pick-me-up. It has just the right amount of chocolate, thanks to two packets of Swiss Miss® Sensible Sweets Hot Cocoa Mix, and instant espresso powder adds the caffeine boost. Infuse the subtle spiciness of classic chai with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom. Finally, play barista and top your drink with Reddi-wip Fat Free Dairy Whipped Topping for a lighter version, or double down on the chocolate with Reddi-wip Chocolate.

4. Key Lime Pie Pops


Homemade ice pops have never been easier. These refreshing, zesty Key Lime Pie Pops are made with an unusual (but delicious) ingredient: whole slices of real key lime pie! Just two slices of Marie Callender's® Key Lime Pie makes six frozen treats–save the remaining pie for another night’s dessert. All that’s left to add is a bit of lemon-lime soda, lime zest, and a splash of vodka, if you’d like. These addicting pie pops come in a grab-and-go package, so whip up an alcohol-free version to share with a group of rambunctious kids.

5. Bloody Mary Mix


Who’s the person who makes killer homemade Bloody Marys? You are, thanks to this recipe straight from our culinary team. We’re talking Hunt’s® diced tomatoes, celery, garlic, horseradish, plus the perfect mix of the classic seasonings. A salt-rimmed glass and fun “accessories” like celery, pickles, olives, and yes, even a Slim Jim® stirrer will have you brunchin’ in style. Enough with the sweet drinks, this salty savior is there whenever you need it—vodka optional.

6. Mango Jalapeño Margarita


It’s five o’clock somewhere! We end things on a spicy note with this margarita that brings the party to you. Simply run a lime around the edge of a rocks glass before adding a salt rim. Next, pour mango nectar, lime juice, agave sweetener, and Vlasic® deli style jalapeño pepper slices (plus tequila, of course) into a cocktail shaker, then let the flavors jive together in sweet-and-spicy harmony. The result is a refreshing cocktail that will tantalize your taste buds with a subtle flash of heat.

Whether you choose an adult version of a childhood classic or make these booze-free mocktails as-is, sip on these sweet, refreshing drinks to bring the flavor of summer right to your glass.

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