9 tasty bean recipes you can make tonight

Let’s talk about beans!

Beans come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are perfect for a side dish or even part of the main course. They can hold up to all sorts of flavors and give new textures to favorite dishes. Beans are affordable and pantry staples – yet sometimes we get bored with the same-old-same-old. Whether you’re a green bean person or a refried bean person (or both), we have a tasty and healthy bean recipe for you! Check out our favorite bean recipes below!

Edamame Burgers with Sriracha Mayo 


Vegetarian burgers can use all sorts of vegetables and beans. This time we used bright green edamame combined with brown rice and fresh ginger for an unbelievably flavorful veggie patty. Top it with a spicy sriracha mayo to bring all the flavors together.

Kale, Tomato and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms 


You are 30 minutes away from a vegetarian flavor bomb! This portabella stuffed mushroom has all the flavors needed. Creamy cheese and cannellini beans mixed with baby kale and Hunt's® Petite Diced Tomatoes – the perfect vegetarian bean recipe to whip up for a weeknight meal!

Hearty Huevos Skillet 


Add beans to the most important meal of the day by making a breakfast skillet. This skillet is made with refried beans and Egg Beaters® and zesty tomatoes for a hearty and filling breakfast to start the day off right.

Three Bean Salad 


This tasty bean recipe is as easy as one, two, Three Bean Salad. Kidney beans, black beans and green beans are tossed gently in Italian dressing with onions and green peppers for a refreshing and classic three bean salad recipe.

Spinach Noodle Salad 


Not your ordinary spinach salad! Fresh spinach and egg noodles are tossed with Italian flavored tomatoes, crumbly feta and garbanzo beans for an easy and refreshing Spinach Noodle Salad. 

Baked Falafel with Spicy Tomato-Yogurt Sauce 


These baked falafels are the way to go! Mashed garbanzo beans are packed with flavor and seasonings dipped in an extraordinary tangy tomato-yogurt sauce.

Tex-Mex Stuffed Potatoes


Switch up the classic baked potato Tex-Mex style! Combine frozen corn with peppers, black beans and Greek yogurt for the mixture and add gooey melted cheese on top. This potato is crazy good – it could even be the main meal!

Summer Black Bean Soup


Hot summer days deserve a cool and refreshing soup. Yes, soup! This chilled, no-cook healthy black bean soup recipe is perfect for any hot sunny day.

Chipotle Shrimp Tostadas 


Seared chipotle shrimp topped with a fresh avocado-tomato salsa on a bed of creamy refried beans, served on a crunchy tostada – Ah-ma-zing! Give it some extra love by squeezing fresh lime over each tostada to wake up the flavors.


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