6 Simple Ideas for the Picture-Perfect Picnic

There’s something special about a picnic: you’re outside, with the people you love, enjoying good eats, fresh air and plenty of social space. It’s simply perfect, provided you come prepared. Get ready for the ultimate picnic date with these simple tips:

Don’t forget a surface to rest your food on.


This is something a LOT of people overlook. The ground may look flat, but it’s never going to balance that huge bowl of Panzanella Salad with Mozzarella that you brought! Bring a small folding table, wooden board or other flat surface to your next picnic and place all your dishes on it for minimal spillage.

Don’t forget a cutting board either!


Another item that’s often forgotten but almost always needed – a cutting board. Whether you’re chopping up cheeses and meats for a charcuterie or getting ready to slice into that tasty-as-heck Naan Thai Chicken Flatbread Pizza you just learned to make, you’re gonna need a cutting board. They even make cool little folding ones that store really easily and also have options that integrate the knife into the board for simple storage and safe use.

Transportation is key!


These days, mason jars practically make the world go ‘round. People use them for their smoothies, meal prep, soups, preservatives, jellies, jams and now, cake! After all, who wants to lug around a cake in a box when everyone can simply have their own little perfect portions, all to themselves?!

Bringing extra is always a good thing.


You truly can’t have too much of a good thing, and when it comes to picnic recipes like these Apple Pecan Stuffing Muffins, that fact is truer than ever. That’s why, when in doubt, bring extra! Worst comes to worst; you bring it back home with you and save it for later.

Clean up after yourself.


It’s one thing if you’re eating Confetti Puppy Chow Snack Mix and the crumbs get all over the ground where you’re picnicking. It’s another thing entirely if you leave trash or other unwanted stuff behind. Do the world a favor and pack a trash bag and wipes for your plates and utensils when you picnic. It sets a good example and it’s good for the earth!

Get creative!


Picnics are inherently fun. You’re going on a small-scale adventure! You’re eating away from the table (or computer desk or couch). You’re getting out of your everyday zone, and that right there- that’s pretty awesome. So, of course you should make some funky stuff to bring along, like these Beet Chips, something you’d never thought you’d eat, and also once you start eating, can never stop.

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