6 Delicious Apple Recipes to Kick Off the New Year

It doesn’t matter what season it is: you can find apples all year ‘round! From fresh seasonal varietals to classic flavors, there’s an apple for almost every occasion - and that’s what makes baking, caking and creating recipes with them that much more fun and easy!

Check out some of our favorite apple infused recipes to enjoy during the colder months.

Cinnamon Apple Pie Cake Roll


If you have leftover apple pie, this is the recipe for you. If you don’t, Marie Callender's Dutch Apple Pie is waiting at the grocery. Either way, cake rolls are the official baking trend of the 2020 holiday season you simply have to try.

Artisan Cheese Board


No cheese board is complete without a handful of apple slices. We mean- we won’t judge you if the whole board is just apples – that’s cool too! But if you do happen to be in the market for cheese and crackers, try out our well-balanced board recipe, perfected by our gluten-free Glutino Multigrain Crackers.

Apple Cider Glazed Carrots


This dish may well be one of the best sides we’ve had this year. It’s easy to make, packed with flavor and ready in 20 minutes! If you don’t already have Log Cabin Original Syrup in the pantry – now’s a great excuse to get more.

Hot Spiced Cider


Simple. Sip-able. Spiced. Our rich Hot Spiced Cider recipe is perfect for cozy reading nooks, kitchen islands, and when you’re watching rom-coms at home. Just don’t forget the star of the show: Reddi-wip Barista Series Nitro Creamer!

Apple Cranberry Slaw


This tart slaw is a quick topper for pulled pork sandwiches and an irresistible side dish…So, grab a Granny Smith apple, some Wish-Bone Deluxe French Dressing and get started! After all, you did just discover a new favorite recipe.

Apple Pecan Stuffing Muffins


Who says stuffing should only make it to the table during the holidays? It’s a delicious, comforting dish all Winter long. These magnificent muffins are a fun take on your traditional stuffing recipe. With a Granny Smith apple and some Udi’s gluten-free Ancient Grain Bread, they’ll be the star of your table all season long.

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