6 Creative Dinner Idea Themes to Help Make the Most of Meals at Home

In these times, we’re all craving a little bit of variety in our everyday lives – especially when it comes to what we cook and how we gather around the table. Thankfully, the internet never fails when it comes to fun, creative and easy ways to celebrate all things ordinary. Turn the heat up on your weekday dinners with these meal planning themes ideas and embrace the spirit of culinary imagination!

The Wing Stop


Are you missing sports as much as we are? Are you in dire need of a beer with your bros or a glass of wine with the ladies? Although we can’t get the gang back together, we do know one simple way to scratch some of that itch…turn your kitchen into your favorite wing stop! You know, the one that kind of smells like a college bar but serves your favorite wings and apps?! All you have to do is put a re-run of your favorite game on a laptop or TV in the kitchen, get the old jersey out and whip up one of these epic wing recipes.

Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Oven-Fried Chicken Wings


The Hibachi Grill

Roll Up Article Dinner Themes-03.jpg

First things first: We do NOT recommend you try and light onions on fire on a griddle in your kitchen. We also don’t recommend you use a bottle to squirt sake into someone else’s mouth from a distance. We DO recommend you turn your kitchen into a mini hibachi grill and transport yourself to one of the most interactive eating experiences out there.

Sure, your knife and spatula skills might not be up to par, but it’s the thought that counts.

Orange Chicken

Teriyaki Beef Bowl

Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry


The Hipster Hangout


If delectable vegan meals and meatless alternatives are your thing, this is the dinner theme for you. We advise dusting off the record player and spinning your favorite album (putting advent-garde jazz on the radio can work in a pinch), lighting a little bit of incense and waiting at least 30 minutes before anyone “takes your order.” The plus side? The food is amazing. We’re not sure you can write an online review about your own kitchen but after all, only the cool kids know about true hipster hangouts.

Chick'n Waffle Sammies with Jalapeno Jelly

Vegan Fried Chick'n

Slow Cooker Sausage Stuffing


The Burrito Bar


OK – this one might be our favorite. Separate all the makings you need for a burrito into different bowls and containers and select one lucky winner from your family to act as the server. You walk down the line, and they assemble your mouth-watering burrito, taco or bowl! Guac doesn’t cost extra here, so be sure to load it on.

Southwest Beef and Bean Burritos

Chicken Burrito Skillet

Cauliflower Rice and Chick'n Burrito Bowl


The Airplane Meal

Roll Up Article Dinner Themes-01.jpg

Did you ever think you’d miss going through airport security? Sprinting to catch a flight? What about eating an airplane meal in a seat two sizes too small? Yeah, we didn’t either. And yet, here we are!

Take yourself back to that crowded coach cabin with one of these amazing microwaveable dinners. They’re exponentially tastier than any airline food you’ve ever had, so you can bring this dinner theme to life by sitting everyone on one side of the table to ensure your elbows touch throughout the meal.

Healthy Choice Power Bowls

Evol Single Serve Bowls

Hungry-Man Selects


The Italian Experience

Roll Up Article Dinner Themes-02.jpg

Break out the wine, a checkered tablecloth and light a few candles – it’s time to turn your dining room into a slice of Little Italy and embrace the simple brilliance of a big ol’ pile of spaghetti. Also, if you don’t fill yourself up on garlic bread before your main course is ready, did you even eat Italian?

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

Eggplant Lasagna

Panzanella Salad with Mozzarella

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