5 twisted gourmet grilled cheese recipes

Grilled cheese doesn't have to be a sandwich for kids. In fact, grilled cheese sandwiches can take on a variety of different flavors. Put a spin on the classic grilled cheese by adding vegetables, different meats and even fruit to kick up the flavor. Cheese can stand up and enhance other food flavors. Take ordinary flavors to extraordinary levels with these twists to a classic. 

Sweet Potato and Kale Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Add in more veggies by sneaking them into a grilled cheese. Combine Hunts® Tomato Paste and balsamic vinegar for an unbelievable flavor combination. Then pair with crisp-tender shredded sweet potato and fresh baby kale for a delectable grilled cheese.    

Grilled Cheese and Pear Sandwiches


Put a gourmet twist on this grilled cheese recipe by pairing a creamy and buttery cheddar cheese with a sweet and crispy pear. The flavor combination makes the perfect pear (pun intended!).

Over-the-Top Grilled Cheese


Take grilled cheese sandwiches up another notch by adding sweet cinnamon sugar candied pecans and tart Granny Smith apples melted with gooey cheddar cheese. This burst of sweet and savory flavors will puts this grilled cheese over-the-top.

Ham and Cheese Toasties


Put a twist on the traditional Monte Cristo by adding a crunchy coating to the bread using a cereal crumb coating. Ham and cheese sandwiches have nothing on these toasties.

Grilled Cheese and Red Pepper Sandwiches


A creamy combination of cheddar and pepper jack cheese paired with a sweet blackened red pepper between slices of herbed focaccia bread? Yes, please. Intensify the flavor by adding a rich and velvety roasted red pepper hummus. You’ll be feeling fancy-schmancy after making this.


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