5 Reasons Why You Need to Get an Air Fryer ASAP

Air fryers are the newest sensation that’s sweeping the nation and, if you don’t have one already, chances are you’ve thought about buying one, someone else has told you to buy one, or you’re quite literally in the process of buying one right now. But no matter what stage of air frying obsession you’re currently in, we have four fantastic recipes and other tips to help you take advantage of the most popular kitchen gadget we’ve seen since the fork made its first appearance way back when.

Air Fryer Fried Pickles


Take the pub food home with this Vlasic Ovals Hamburger Dill Chips recipe. It’s like there’s a real-life restaurant right in your kitchen! They’re sure to be a hit with everyone sitting around the table. But be warned, they’re addictive.

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders


Ready in an hour, easy to make and better than any chicken tenders you’d get from a fast food joint – these tenders are perfect for dipping, devouring and obsessing over. Did you just discover your new favorite at-home appetizer?!

Mini Roasted Apple Pies


Yes, they are as tasty as they are cute. Air fry the filling of these adorable apple pies to achieve bite-sized perfection and top with Reddi-wip for a sweet treat that’ll leave you wanting more. They’re made to share, but if you want to keep them all for yourself, we get that too.

Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks


Who doesn’t love mozzarella sticks?! They’re crispy, cheesy, breaded taste-splosions that beg to be devoured. Just don’t forget the Hunt’s Pasta Sauce for dipping and if you think you’ll want more later – simply freeze ‘em and air fry whenever that cheese-craving strikes!

Are you all about plant-based?!

If you’re vegan, vegetarian or trying to go meatless occasionally, our Gardein line of meatless, plant-based products makes it easy to go meatless, with meat substitutes for chicken, sausage, beef, fish and more. A number of our Gardein products – found in the frozen aisle – are perfect for the air fryer. Check out the air fryer instructions below for some of our popular items.

General instructions: Always keep frozen, do not thaw before preparation. Food should be cooked thoroughly to 165˚F. (Use a meat thermometer to check.) Cooking times noted below, but appliances vary so adjust cooking times as needed:

Product Cook Time
Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers 14 to 16 minutes
Crispy Chik'n Patties 14 to 16 minutes
Crispy Golden Chick'n Nuggets 12 to 14 minutes
Fishless FIlets 12 to 14 minutes
Mini Crispy Crab Cakes 14 to 16 minutes
Nashville Hot Chick'n Tenders 14 to 16 minutes
Seven Grain Crispy Tenders 14 to 16 minutes

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