5 Fun Easter Desserts to Make with Your Kids

Parents, don’t get stuck doing all of the cooking this Easter. Enlist your kids to help make these fun Easter desserts and sweets that look good and taste great. These five kid-friendly dessert recipes are an easy way to get your kids and the entire family to help out—because egg hunts are so last year.

Chocolate Bunny Pudding Cups


Let your child’s creative side express itself by having them make these Chocolate Bunny Pudding Cups. Make sure to take pictures of these Pinterest-worthy bunnies fast—these sweet treats won’t last long! 

Peanut Butter Bird’s Nests


Chow mein noodles, white chocolate chips, peanut butter, marshmallows, and chocolate Easter eggs? You betcha! Trust us, after you and the kids make this recipe, the whole family will be chirping for seconds—maybe even thirds! 

Easter Basket Pudding Cups


Topped with jelly beans and sprinkles, these Snack Pack® Easter Baskets are as much fun to eat as they are to make. Just make sure your kids don’t try to carry them by the handle!

Popcorn Easter Eggs


Hatch a different type of Easter snack where popcorn is held together by marshmallows and Parkay®. Add some food coloring and jelly beans for a colorful and yummy treat packed with sweet and salty flavor.

Carrot Patch Pudding Cups


It’s just like your garden, except this time you won’t be upset if your “little rabbits” dig up the carrots. This kid-friendly dessert has plenty of grown-up flavor with caramel mixed into chocolate and vanilla pudding, sugared bananas for the carrots, and a crumbly cookie dirt topping.

For more Easter ideas, hop over here!


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