4 Non-Dairy Swiss Miss Recipes Just in Time for Hot Chocolate Season

When it comes to hot cocoa or hot cocoa and cookies or brownies made out of hot cocoa, there’s always been one ingredient we can’t have any of them without: Swiss Miss!

And, now that fall is officially here, Swiss Miss is officially available in Non-Dairy options and that, well that friends and families, is some good news you could use.

Here are four recipes fresh from a few of the most fantastic minds in hot chocolate:

Hot Chocolate Brownies


The day that someone combined Swiss Miss, brownie mix and Reddi-wip topping was historic. The day we made it non-dairy was legendary. Dive into non-dairy deliciousness and make your first batch at home today!

S’mores Hot Chocolate


What’s that? You want more hot chocolate?! So do we! Jokes aside, this incredible creation combines so many of our favorite things that it’s hard to keep count, but glasses rimmed with graham crackers and marshmallow crème is definitely one of them. The point is, you’ll just have to give ‘em a try yourself. Level up your hot cocoa in just 10 minutes!

Hot Chocolate “Milk” & Cookies


This must be like the hot chocolate and milk and cookies they make in the Swiss Mountains themselves! We actually heard recently he might be non-dairy too, so there’s that 🎅 Sip away at this classic recipe, made the Reddi-wip way, and try not to eat all the cookies before you finish the hot chocolate 😋

Hot Chocolate Pancakes


Yep, they’re real. You don’t need to have your eyes checked. This isn’t a drill. These are Non-Dairy Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Pancakes topped with chocolate drizzle and Non-Dairy Reddi-wip topping and even though that sentence is a mouthful, it’s nothing compared to a bite of this. So, what are you waiting for? The kitchen can’t be too far away and this special weekend treat is just waiting to be devoured.

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