Going keto doesn’t mean you have to make do without your favorite foods. The keto, or ketogenic, diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. The goal for many keto dieters is to reach a state of ketosis, or a metabolic state in which their bodies rely on fat for energy. Transitioning to a keto lifestyle means cutting out carb-heavy foods like bread, sweets, and pasta. That can be tricky, but it’s by no means impossible!

Whether you're joining the keto lifestyle to watch your weight or because you like its similarities to the paleo diet or the Atkin's diet, we can help. Here are some of our favorite easy keto-friendly diet recipes that are low in carbs, but packed with flavor.



Being keto-friendly in the morning can be tough. But making breakfasts ahead of time can help. Our Crustless Ham and Swiss Mini Quiches tap Egg Beaters® and Swiss cheese to pack in the protein while skipping on the crust. If you have more time, our Farmer’s Market Vegetable Omelets makes use of the veggies you may have stocked up on once you switched over to keto, and will keep you full and away from those tempting morning treats (buh-bye, donuts).


An exciting lunch can help you power through the workday. With a little bit of prep, you can have these easy keto-friendly lunches packed up and ready to go.

Taco Stuffed Peppers


Just because there’s no room for tortillas in a keto diet doesn't mean you have to skip Taco Tuesday. Switch out the corn and flour for a tasty pepper “shell.” Ground meat is high in protein and fat, which is great for keto dieters, and you can cook the stuffed pepper to perfection with Frontera®’s ground beef taco skillet sauce.

Chicken Burrito Bowls


Still craving Mexican food? Add chicken burrito bowls to the menu. Riced cauliflower + chicken, guacamole, and bell peppers = one winning combination for keto dieters.

Broccoli Cheese Soup


If the rules about “good” and “bad” vegetables under the keto diet are a bit confusing, don’t worry. Broccoli is always a solid choice, as are most other dark green vegetables. Instead of chowing down on broccoli spears, blend them with cheddar cheese to create a rich broccoli cheese soup that's perfect for every season.

Don’t have time to make anything? Healthy Choice® power bowls are a great option for keto-friendly and low-carb lifestyles alike.


Keto-friendly snacks aren’t just celery sticks! Unlike other low-carb diets that focus on stripping out grains and high-carb vegetables, the keto diet places a focus on fat and protein. That means meat is definitely on the menu. Fill up your desk drawer or your purse with ready-to-go snacks like Duke’s® Smoked Shorty® sausages and beef brisket strips. These protein pick-me-ups are smoked in small batches and come in intriguing flavors like hickory peach BBQ and chorizo and lime.


If you have a sweet tooth, try our Low Carb Pumpkin Mini Cheesecakes. They’re bound to satisfy your cravings without jeopardizing your macros.


If you're worried that a keto diet is going to restrict your dinner plans, have no fear! You can still have dozens of hearty meal options on rotation. Here are four of our favorites:

Keto-Friendly Steak and Green Bean Stir Fry


Yes, you read that right, this is a bona fide keto-friendly stir-fry. This combination of juicy flank steak, crisp green beans, mushrooms, riced cauliflower, and tangy soy sauce will have you feeling like you’re missing out on, well, pretty much nothing.

Greek Chicken Zoodles


Obsessed with Mediterranean flavors? We feel ya. The keto-friendly diet’s got your back with this lively dish that brings together zoodles, chicken, a creamy tomato and olive sauce, kalamata olives, feta, and basil in one lively dish. Or for a more traditionally Italian take, turn to our Zucchini Noodles with Mushroom Marinara recipe for a dish that’s big on comfort, low on carbs.

Easy Seafood Keto Cauliflower Risotto


Sautéed shrimp, calamari, and scallops are layered on top of a bed of creamy risotto for a quick meal that only tastes like you spent hours on it. Seriously, you’ll forget you’re dieting in the first place. Also, you can nix the seafood and just heat up the pre-made Alexia® creamy cauliflower risotto for a fast and cheesy meal.

Chicken tenders

Chicken is one of the best building blocks for any keto meal. You can “bread” them, fry them, or bake them for a quick entrée. PAM coconut oil cooking spray and avocado oil cooking spray are both keto-friendly, so no need to worry when cooking with those. Pair chicken with some Bird’s Eye vegetables, or simply roasted tomatoes and Bird’s Eye Veggie Made mashed cauliflower with roasted garlic for a crowd-pleasing meal.

You don't have to go out of your way to find low-carb ingredients or spend all your time cooking to make the ketogenic lifestyle work. With a few go-to recipes and the right mindset, you’ll be embracing the keto diet in no time.

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