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Twisted Chili: Fall favorite, with a twist!

Nothing beats a pot full of warm chili simmering on the stove top on a cool fall day! But sometimes you like to be a little daring, taking that familiar favorite in new directions. From Creole to curry to sweet BBQ to fiery ghost pepper. Yow! We have a unique chili recipe for any flavor you fancy.

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7 boozy milkshakes perfect for welcoming fall

Summer is over. It’s time to throw on an oversized sweater, pull up a pair of long knit socks, and zip up those riding boots. Fall is here and with it comes pumpkin, spice, and everything nice.

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10 barista-approved tips for making high-quality coffee at home

Brew Brew Coffee Lounge—located in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, on the corner of Diversey Parkway and Avers Avenue is a local, hidden gem. Like other communities throughout the city’s Northwest Side, Avondale is a diverse, blue-collar neighborhood. Framed two-flats and three flats line the streets.

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Rule the tailgate scene with these touchdown recipes

The season is here! The season super fans wait for all year, to cheer their team on (to victory!) and of course, eat some of the best food out there – tailgate food! Our friend Chef Billy Parisi came up with some delicious, game-changing tailgate recipes for your next tailgate and while we can all hope for an undefeate.

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How to easily eat more veggies

Increasing the amount of vegetables we consume per day can be a hard task to tackle. Luckily, adding canned tomatoes can help! New research shows that adding canned tomatoes in recipes can help increase vegetable consumption and meet the daily recommended servings (2.5 cups per day!).

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Beyond the sandwich: 5 quick and easy school lunch box ideas

My kids and I have a deal: They can take hot lunch at school three days a week and must bring lunch from home on the other two days. Why, you ask? Well, the cost of hot lunch definitely adds up quickly, plus I like to have some control over what they eat.

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